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Student Credit Cards
· Discover® Classic Student Card
· Discover® Card for Students
· Chase Platinum for Students
· Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard®
· Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card for College Students
· Citi® Driver's Edge® for College Students

Student Debit Cards
· Wired Plastic™ Prepaid MasterCard®
· The Vaya™ MasterCard® Card
· The VIP Visa Prepaid Cash Card
· Executive PLUS MasterCard

Articles on Credit
· Staying Debt Free
· How to Compare Cards
· Building Credit
· Understanding Credit Reports
· Debit vs. Credit Cards

The Vaya™ MasterCard® Card

The Vaya™ MasterCard® Card is a prepaid MasterCard that you fund through transfers from your bank account or directly from your paycheck. You decide how much money to load onto your MasterCard. Enjoy all of the benefits of a MasterCard® card, but with no finance charges, no security deposits, no credit checks, and no bank accounts required. It’s good at more than 29 million MasterCard locations. And gives you instant cash access at more than 900,000 ATMs worldwide.

  • Guaranteed Approval
    • No credit check, bank account or security deposit required
    • No interest charges or late fees.
    • No Check Cashing Fees
  • Prepaid, with easy loading options
    • Free Direct Deposit
    • Add cash instantly at thousands of retail locations
  • Purchasing power at more than 32 million merchants worldwide.
    • Cash Access at more than 900,000 ATMs
    • Protected by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy
  • Send Cash
    • Electronic BillPay
    • Transfer money instantly to other Vaya Card holders

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